BACK-EZE® Lumbar Cushion

BACK-EZE® Lumbar Cushion
Price: AUD 73.82

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Features of the BACK-EZE® Lumbar Cushion

  • Back-Eze lumbar cushions are designed to correctposture and alleviate back pain
  • the curved vertical and horizontal design, helps the spine to maintain the correct 'S' shape, while at the same time, providing support against lateral movement
  • the cushion is made from high quality foam, which maintains its correct shape at all times
  • the cover is a stretch synthetic fabric with a zip for removal


  • the standard model (image on right) suits most people and is recommended for use in the car
  • the mark II (image on left) is for the large user, and is also suitable for those with a smaller curve in their lower back