Flowtron 'Hydroven 3' Compression Pump Leg Garments

Flowtron 'Hydroven 3' Compression Pump Leg Garments
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Flowtron 'Hydroven 3' Compression Pump Leg Garments

To view the Flowtron Hydroven 3 compression pump click here, or to view the leg garment insert click here

To view the arm garments click here, or to view the arm garment insert click here

  • Hydroven's triple-chamber arm and leg garments provide gradient sequential compression, with 10% reduction in pressure in each chamber distally to proximally
  • all garments can be used on left or right limb, or two units can be used concurrently on both limbs
  • the most often used leg garment is the half leg garment, giving full coverage from foot to toe. This comes in one size and 50cm length
  • full length leg garments are all one size but are available in five different lengths, ranging from 66 to 92 cm, according to the patient's leg length
  • arm garments are available in two lengths, which comfortably accommodate most users
  • for those with larger limb circumference, there are arm garment inserts and leg garment inserts, which are easily applied by zip closure
  • due to generous sizing range of the garment, insert pieces are not usually required