Flowtron 'Hydroven 3' Compression Pump (pump only)

Flowtron 'Hydroven 3' Compression Pump (pump only)
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Features of the Flowtron 'Hydroven 3' Compression Pump (pump only)

  • the 'Hydroven 3' compression pump provides clinically effective, non-invasive dynamic compression to the limbs
  • designed for efficient use in both the clinic or home environment
  • three chamber arm or leg compression
  • adjustable pressure control provides tailored therapy to suit individual patients needs
  • the pump has a pressure range of 30-110 mmHg, and an inflation / deflation cycle time of 90 seconds each
  • secure snap-lock connection of all garments to the pump promotes easy set up and prevents accidental disconnection, and single tube attachment to each garment ensures less clutter
  • automatic detection of single or dual garment attachment makes the system simple to set up. Just plug in and switch on for active treatment
  • cable retention system ensures compact and easy storage whilst the pump is not in use

Flowtron Hydroven 3 Compression Garments

To view the leg garments click here, or to view the leg garment insert click here

To view the arm garments click here, or to view the arm garment insert click here

  • Hydroven's triple-chamber arm and leg garments provide gradient sequential compression, with 10% reduction in pressure in each chamber distally to proximally
  • all garments can be used on left or right limb, or two units can be used concurrently on both limbs
  • the most often used leg garment is the half leg garment, giving full coverage from foot to toe. This comes in one size and 50cm length
  • full length leg garments are all one size but are available in five different lengths, ranging from 66 to 92 cm, according to the patient's leg length
  • arm garments are available in two lengths, which comfortably accommodate most users
  • for those with larger limb circumference, there are arm garment inserts and leg garment inserts, which are easily applied by zip closure
  • due to generous sizing range of the garment, insert pieces are not usually required

Flowtron 'Hydroven 3' Compression Pump (pump only)