Gel shoe insole

Gel shoe insole
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Features of the Gel shoe insole

  • provides overall support, protection, comfort & help reduce painful shock waves to the body & lighten the load on joints
  • ideal for sports use, gardening, factory staff, construction workers, office staff and for people who stand on hard services
  • made from a unique medical silicone gel compound that assists to dissipate shock and shear, caused by impact to the heel and foot
  • the Gel Shoe Insoles emulate the fatty tissue, usuallly found on the underfoot
  • damaging stress forces normally absorbed by the body's musculo-skeletal system, are now absorbed by the footbeds and away from the body


  • suitable for managing minor cases of splayfoot
  • fits into existing footwear
  • suitable for men or women
  • washable and hygenic

Gel shoe insole