HeadSaver Head Protector

HeadSaver Head Protector
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Features of the HeadSaver Head Protector

Headsaver's impact-absorption and shock-disbursing characteristics help protect impact zones of the head which may be affected during a fall. Comfort and ease of use are just two of the benefits enjoyed by all Headsaver users, from Nursing Home residents and staff to active, independent seniors. Although the importance of head protection products is emphasised for the elderly, it is also important for all with concerns about falling or with medical conditions such as Epilepsy, Parkinson's Disease, or Cerebral Palsy, when instability may occur. headsvers are available for both male and females, designed to fit the lifestyles and specific needs of those who use them.

  • headsavers are available in two sizes which are fully velcro adjustable to fit most people
  • when placed on the head, Headsaver offers an extremely comfortable fit that holds in place so that during a fall, it should not come off the head
  • if additional securing to the wearer's head is required, a velcro detatchable chin strap with clip is provided with every unit

Coverings available for Headsaver Head protectors

HeadSaver Head Protector


While Headsaver can achieve excellent and impressive results, no product can claim to be 100% effective all of the time. Headsaver id not guaranteed to work in every individual circumstance. Headsaver is not suitable t be used as a head protector either in an industrial or commervial environment, nor for sporting activities. The headsaver is not designed to protect the head from falling objects. Therefore, neither the manufacturer nor the distributor make any implied or express gurantee that this product will prevent injury.