Medical Compression Aids & Accessories

Medical Compression Application and removal aids for doffing and donning compression stockings and sleeves

Cosmac imports and sells a range of compression application aids used in the aid of donning and doffing of medical compression garments. There is a wide variety of different compression application aids available such as the material easy-slide applicator for open toe stockings, the easy-slide magnide applicator for closed toe stockings and the sim-slide on and off aid for open toe stockings. The Easy-as stocking applicator, Jobst wire frame applicator and the medi-butler are all other types of compression application aids that are available to buy from Cosmac.

Medical Compression Accessories

If you have trouble keeping your compresssion stockings from falling down why not try using a medical compression accessory such as body adhesive or a suspender belt. The It Stays Body Glue or Medi Fix Body adhesive is a roll on that will keep your stockings from falling down and it washes out during laundering. It can be used for thigh length and knee length compression stockings.