Pulman Footwear

Pulman Footwear
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Features of Pulman Footwear

  • available in shoe, boot or sandal style
  • strong enough for everyday use
  • Pulman shoes are multi-adjustable with velcro closures, giving ease of application and a perfect, comfortable fit for feet of all shapes and sizes
  • the whole front of the shoe, plug and instep, lifts and opens as a unit. With the foot in place, the front closes and fastens securely in whatever position fits best
  • uppers are constructed of a laminated fully lined velour fabric that stretches and breathes, maintaining optimum foot temperature
  • Pulman products have no irritating seams inside the shoes
  • the soles are light, supplr, slip-resistant, adfheret and quiet, with rounded edges to reducee risk of stumbling
  • the soft foam insoles have a terry textured facing, and are removable for washing or the fitting of orthopaedic insoles if required


  • the Pulam range of therapeutic footwear is designed for those who suffer from sesnsitive feet or ailments which restrict mobility
  • they are particularly useful in post-operative foot care, and in the treatment of oedema, foot ulcers, rheumatoid arthritis and malformed feet or those with other foot or toe problems
  • 'Extra' fittings feature greter width and depth to accomodate swollen or bandaged feet
  • sanitised for long-lasting protection against microbes and bacteria
  • shoes and insoles are completely machine washable in warm water
  • shoe trees are included to maintain shoe shape after washing
  • supplied in pairs
  • available in US shoe sizes 5 to 13


Pulman Footwear