Sigvaris Doff n Donner

Sigvaris Doff n Donner
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The Sigvaris Doff n Donner is a very soft device that allows you to quickly and painlessly slide compression stockings over an arm or leg. The Doff n Donner is suitable for use by both stocking wearers themselves, as well as caregivers. The CONE simplifies the rolling of a compression stocking onto the Doff n Donner. With the aid of the cone, the medical compression stocking can also be easily unrolled from the Doff n Donner. The CONE has a suction cup built into the base so that it attaches well to flat surfaces.

Features of the Sigvaris Doff n Donner

  • facilitates the donning and removal of compression stockings and promotes treatment compliance
  • less effort spent on donning and remocal
  • allows compression stockings to slide painlessly over wounds, scars and open legs
  • suitable for use bythe wearer themselves, as well as caregivers
  • extremely durable and suitable for different leg shapes
  • extends the life of the compression stockings
  • suitable for A-D calf stockings and A-G Thigh stockings with / or without grip top in all sizes and compression classes as well as with open or closed toe

Sigvaris Doff n Donner