Products for Lymphedema, Venous Insufficiency, Venous Disease, and Wound Care

Tribute custom lymphedema garments

Caresia lymphedema bandage liners

Don't lose sleep over lymphedema. Tribute custom nighttime lymphedema garments eliminate nightly wrapping altogether. Just slide on Tribute and go to bed.

Reduce stress and save time with Caresia. These bandage liners eliminate the underlayers of standard compression bandaging like stockinette and padding. Simply slide the Caresia on and wrap over the top.

ReadyWrap compression garments for lymphedema and venous insufficiency

Swell Spots lymphedema and scar pads

ReadyWrap is the perfect alternative to elastic compression. These easy-to-don, low-stretch garments help manage swelling throughout the day and are fully adjustable to help accommodate girth fluctuations.

Swell Spots offer unique solutions for problematic areas of swelling. These little helpers offer big relief by padding bony areas, filling concavities, or treating localized swelling.


Exo Off-The-Shelf Gradient Compression Garments

Exo garments provide a full range of ready-to-wear solutions for your patients’ unique needs. From ExoStrong ready-to-wear flat-knit garments for maximum containment to ExoFusion for focused compression over the foot, there’s an Exo for everyone.